Dissection Course



Announcing The Chicago Review Course in Neurosurgical Dissection

We plan 84 hours of lectures, demonstrations and dissections of neurosurgical procedures with concentration on "indexed procedures".

It will be comprehensive: from basic principles to the most modern techniques. This will be an appropriate course for the new resident as well as the most experienced practitioner, taught and mentored by experienced and respected colleagues. This will be an effort at improved teaching in this era of mandated limited hours to learn. The more you know the more meaningful conferences, journal articles and conversations amongst your colleagues will be.

The earlier in your career that you are exposed to neurosurgical anatomy, facts and vocabulary, the earlier you will develop the ability to see three dimensionally and gain value from your experiences. Knowledge is power, knowledge is fun and knowledge is reassuring. Being able to have an overview of the full field of neurosurgery will help each small piece you later encounter to be placed in perspective.

Think of this course as the picture on the box of the cover of the puzzle that allows each piece of the puzzle to have context. We promise you our best efforts in making this a very meaningful experience.

Specific course features include:Dissection Course

  • 84 hours of lectures, demonstrations and dissections of Neurosurgical procedures

This course is designed for:

  • Residents in training
  • Newly established surgeons
  • Seasoned neurosurgeons
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